Move forward in your project with our temporary power systems for Plymouth, Exeter and beyond

Whatever your sector, having access to the power you need is crucial. Working with industries across the Southwest, M.H. Hart & Son Ltd aims to provide reliable systems that offer a temporary power supply to prevent downtime, maintain productivity, and help you succeed in your development.

Our extensive range of generators and load banks provide diesel and renewable energy solutions to draw on when the need arises. Having served the local area since 1971, we’ll work hard to establish the most beneficial temporary system for the task in hand and get this up and running as quickly as possible.

Your questions answered!

What is a temporary electricity supply for a new build? This relates to a temporary electricity supply for new builds under construction. M.H. Hart & Son Ltd offers various systems, and we’ll help you identify the most suitable one.

What is a temporary power supply used for? Though utilised by sectors of every nature, their commonly used by the construction and building trade conducting works in properties with no connection to the mains.

What is the difference between a temporary and permanent power supply? Our temporary systems are designed to be used on a short-term basis. They usually consist portable generators and load banks that can be easily installed on site. A permanent power supply offers a more robust system, usually connected to the grid, that will power the property for years to come.

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