EV charger installation across the South West

If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, you’ll need somewhere to charge it. At M.H. Hart & Son Ltd, we install EV chargers for clients across Plymouth, Exeter, Bodmin, Truro and across the South West. Our experienced electricians can install all the infrastructure you need to quickly charge your vehicle. Contact us today for a free quote.

Install a quick charge point at your premises

Our electricians will arrange an initial site inspection to confirm details like the location and the amperage of your current supply. If you need to upgrade your supply, you will need to contact your power network. Once we’ve installed your EV charger, we can give you a full demonstration of how to use it. Contact our team for more information.

Case Study 1: Individual Domestic Electric Vehicle Charger Installation for a Homeowner in Cornwall

Client Background: Our client, a homeowner based in Cornwall, was eager to embrace the future of sustainable transportation. They owned a beautiful bungalow and wanted to install an electric vehicle charger to conveniently charge their electric vehicle at home.

Project Details:
Location: The installation took place at the client’s bungalow in Cornwall.
Charger Model: We recommended and installed the Zappi V2 electric vehicle charger, known for its smart charging features and compatibility with renewable energy sources.
Installation Process: The installation procedure was straightforward, utilizing armoured cable to connect the charger to the electrical supply. Our skilled technicians ensured minimal impact to the property during the installation.

Outcome: The installation of the individual domestic electric vehicle charger was completed seamlessly, leaving the client highly satisfied. The Zappi V2 charger provided the homeowner with the convenience of charging their electric vehicle at their own residence, eliminating the need to rely on public charging stations. The client appreciated the professionalism of our team and the minimal disruption caused during the installation process.

Case Study 2: Multiple Electric Vehicle Charger Installations for a Luxury Residential Car Park

Client Background: Our client, a residential management company, approached us with a unique project. They owned a luxury multiple residential property with an underground car park and wanted to provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure for their residents.

Project Details:
Location: The installation took place at the residential property’s underground car park.
Charger Model: We recommended and installed the Easee Charge electric vehicle chargers, renowned for their reliability and user-friendly features.
Scope: The project involved installing over 40 electric vehicle charging infrastructure points and more than 20 electric vehicle chargers.
Upgrades: We upgraded the mains electrical supply and installed new power distribution equipment and load balancing equipment to accommodate the increased demand.
Infrastructure Installation: Our team meticulously installed cable tray containment and cabling throughout the residential car park, ensuring a clean and tidy job.
Minimal Impact: Despite the complexity of the project, we ensured minimal impact to the property and its residents.

Outcome: The successful installation of over 40 car charging infrastructure points and more than 20 electric vehicle chargers in the residential car park left both the management company and the residents delighted. The upgraded electrical system and well-organized infrastructure provided residents with convenient and reliable electric vehicle charging options. Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence earned high praise from the client, reflecting their satisfaction with our work.

Both case studies demonstrate our dedication to delivering high-quality electric vehicle charger installations while minimizing disruption and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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